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Utilizing Biometric Access Control Without Modifying Infrastructure

Biometrics are making access control systems more effective than they’ve ever been. Biometric readers can verify the identity of the person requesting access with a degree of certainty that is much higher than a card reader or PIN reader alone, or even a combination card and PIN reader. That being said, biometric access control systems still have yet to reach the levels of popularity or market share enjoyed by these older access control systems. However, a new development in biometric access control may be shifting this paradigm. Learn more in our blog about how biometric access control systems are being put into place without having to modify existing security infrastructure.

Making the Switch to Biometrics

Perhaps the biggest reason biometric access control systems have yet to really catch on is the fact that upgrading to biometric access control traditionally meant significant modification to existing access control infrastructure. Card/PIN readers would have to be replaced, and new biometric readers would have to be installed. If the previous access control system was integrated with other aspects of security infrastructure, it couldn’t be guaranteed that the new system would integrate well with existing security components.

The superiority of biometric access control, however, cannot be denied. So how can end users utilize this technology without having to invest in significant modifications to their security infrastructure?

The answer comes in the form of biometric smartcards. These cards are essentially a mobile biometric reader. If a person wants to enter a room, for example, he or she would place his or her finger on the card, while holding it up to the card reader. The card would verify the authenticity of the fingerprint, and then transmit this verification to the card reader. The card reader would then allow the door to be opened.

This solves the problem of expensive new hardware by shifting the biometric reader from the wall to the card. In this way, the authenticity of a person requesting entry can be verified with a high degree of certainty, and entry cannot be gained by use of a stolen card or PIN number. Biometric smartcards offer an effective solution for end users who want to enjoy the advantages of biometric security without having to make a large investment in biometric readers.

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