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How Video Analytics Expand the Applications of Video Surveillance

Today’s video surveillance cameras are a world apart from the CCTV cameras of yesteryear. As image quality and processing power have reached never before seen levels, the ability of cameras to conduct not only passive but completely active surveillance has made these cameras indispensable for end users with security interests. Not only that, but for retailers, video analytics are providing data that can be used for everything from improving day-to-day operations to market research. Learn more about how video analytics are expanding the applications of video surveillance in this week’s blog.

How Video Analytics Expand the Applications of Video Surveillance

Image Quality and Active Security

The days of surveillance cameras passively observing without being able to react to anything in their field of view are long gone. Today’s cameras have the features and processing power needed to turn surveillance into an active task. Ultra high-definition 4K cameras featuring high-powered processors enable cameras to capture images that are more detailed than ever. And this isn’t just about the “wow” factor of 4K images. Video analytics need high quality images in order to function properly.
Modern cameras are providing analytics systems with the image quality they need to generate data that is correct.

What are some examples of how video surveillance cameras are now being used for active security?

  • Facial recognition – Video analytics can determine if a person is on the premises who has been prohibited from entry.
  • Loitering recognition – Analytics can determine if persons are loitering in a location where loitering is not permitted.
  • Access control – Analytics can be used in conjunction with access control systems to verify the authenticity of an access control request.

Retail Video Analytics

In addition to active security, video analytics provide data that can be used for retailers to improve their performance and conduct market research in real time. For example, heat mapping. Heat mapping data can be used for a number of different retail applications.

  • Data can show which areas of the store receive the most traffic and where this traffic creates choke points, so retailers can redesign traffic patterns to facilitate movement.
  • Heat mapping can determine when lines at registers have reached an overload, and notify staff to open up another register.
  • Heat mapping can analyze movements of staff to ensure they are doing their jobs.
  • Heat mapping can determine how customers move through the store in order to inform the setup of displays, promotions, and sale items.

video analytics

Video analytics is a reality, and retailers and facility owners everywhere are taking advantage of it to improve both security and performance for their businesses.

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