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Video Management Software Trends for 2015

Video management software (VMS) is constantly evolving, and the latest developments in VMS technology are making it faster, more reliable, and more useful than ever. In 2015, “VMS development will be focused on system usability, total solution costs and true scalability,” according to Security Today. Learn more about what trends to expect in video management software in 2015 in this week’s blog.

Video Management Software Trends for 2015


Integration of several sets of security data in a single interface will improve performance and capabilities for all end-users. By integrating video with other data from access control systems, intrusion, and risk awareness systems, security teams have a more cohesive and complete awareness of what’s happening at any given time. Video analytics will play a key role in the integration of these data sets.


Scalability is an essential component of any system,. As video management software becomes more integrated with other security systems, scalability is becoming more and more of a necessity. “Features that allow for rapid deployment, centralized system management and the ability to perform actions across multiple network video recorders and clients simultaneously will be more widely adopted.”

Cloud Technology

Cloud based video recording, also known as VSaaS, offers a number of advantages, including lower upfront costs, built-in system management, and the ability to store recordings offsite while accessing them from anywhere. Overcoming bandwidth limitations will be crucial in advancing the growth of VSaaS.

Total Recording Solutions

Creating the right combination of components for a total video security system solution is not always a simple task. The advantage of “specially built NVR recording platforms” means an all-in-one solution that is easier to install and operate.

Hardware Optimization

Optimization of hardware will not only improve performance of components, but will allow for advanced functionality such as “offloading processing from the NVR CPU to the video card’s GPU…[which] would result in lower total hardware cost for the consumer.”


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