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The Vulnerability In Amazon Key’s Camera That Everyone Should Know About


We all saw the problems associate with Amazon Key, right?

Apparently, there was going to be an Amazon hack over their new feature. While Amazon rolled out their Amazon Key last month, people can’t stop talking about it! With a tremendous amount of mixed reviews, there was bound to be security issues.

The Latest On Amazon Key

Those who already thought that the magical Amazon Key was a terrible idea had suspicions about how secure this new system really was. And their fears were real. Security researchers have found that the Amazon Key’s camera can be disabled and frozen from a simple program that can be run from virtually any computer.

How The Attack Happens

Typically, this type of hack will happen when cybercriminals are looking for vulnerable opportunities to seize products from innocent customers. The Amazon Key’s camera leaves the customer exposed to only being able to see their closed door. As a result, any rouge Amazon Key courier can steal from people who use Amazon Key.

The Hack Doesn’t Directly Involve Any Couriers

As of right now, this finding is something that researchers have obtained. This doesn’t mean that couriers are out there stealing people’s things. However, it does suggest that Amazon needs to find a smarter and more secure solution to the glaring problem they are facing. Without proper security measures in place, customers are incredibly vulnerable to attack. Fortunately, Amazon is aware of the issue and plans on coming out with a security update as soon as possible.

Focus On Drivers

While it can be easy to conduct a strict and comprehensive background check on all Amazon Key drivers, more needs to be done. Amazon should really consider a better and more secure approach to their Amazon Key feature if they want their new service to survive in the marketplace.

Bottom Line

In the end, everyone needs to pay more attention to the best services out there. When it comes to delivery services, protecting customers should be a priority. With so much excellent technology, security leaders should try and find ways to help delivery providers find solutions to the issue of their customers being vulnerable when it comes to specific delivery services.

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