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Prevent Data Breaches With These Helpful Tips

data breach

Preventing a data breach requires your company to invest in secure networks.

With hacks, attacks, and even extortion attempts, 2017 will go down as the year that data breaches reigned supreme! One of the most notable data breaches was the Equifax breach. The hack resulted in salary histories and drivers licenses being leaked, in addition to other personal information. The reality is, we have to expect these data breaches to continue into 2018. We could potentially see an increase in these types of data breaches. However, there is a myriad of ways that companies can use security measures to help prevent data breaches from happening to their businesses. Here are some simple but concrete steps that businesses can take to avoid a data breach from ruining their business.

Inventory And Classify All Important Documents

Any security measures that can be implemented to keep data secure cannot be effective unless it is clear what data is of value to others. For this exact reason, document classification must dovetail with security processes to better identify, record, and encrypt content to keep it safe and secure.

Embrace Open Thinking

Only when businesses begin to embrace the idea of open thinking and a new pragmatic approach to security will things start to change for the better. Data breaches are bound to become the new normal unless companies start working towards creating more secure networks in their organizations. Every business is now dealing with the incredible interplay between making information instantly accessible to a wide range of users while simultaneously keeping it safe and secure.

Work Smarter To Thwart Potential Attacks

Instead of just throwing away your money on more resources, companies could really benefit from working smarter to alleviate any future potential attacks from happening. Assessing and organizing all the content within your business can be cumbersome. But it will surely be worth it when an attack is thwarted by your efforts. In the end, a company will put themselves in a much better position to mitigate any potential threat than previously was the case.

Implement Open Source

The beautiful thing about open source is its transparency. Alfresco has an ecosystem of about 34,000 technologists and developers in the open community. Working on coding all day, every day, these people work to create a much more secure network for your business.

Get Security Systems From ARK Systems

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