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Evaluating Campus Security


Creating safer campuses requires proper security measures to be put in place.

The standard campus entry policy is not working anymore. More and more attacks are happening on school campus regularly. Just last week, a parent attacked an elementary school in California. The parent entered as usual, through the front desk and was allowed to walk the halls of an elementary school with a loaded weapon. Obviously, stricter security measures need to be put in place to prevent these types of attacks from happening.

More About The Attack

The door to the elementary school was unlocked. It had been opened all day. As the primary entry point to the school itself, the main entrance tends to be unlocked for easy entry and exit. However, things might need to change. Parents should be able to exit and enter their children’s school freely. However, there needs to be a way to ensure that those individuals entering an elementary school are actual parents of students and that those individuals are not carrying anything that could harm students or faculty.

Increase In School Security

At the time of the attack, there were no school police officers on campus. While it is difficult to rely on police officers to be present on school campuses at all times, there are security measures that can be put in place to protect all students and staff from a violent attack. Without proper security procedures, these terrible attacks are bound to happen over and over again.

Prevent Attacks In Schools

School security is a hot-button topic that continues to pervade our culture. From Columbine to Newtown, school shootings and violence occurs all too regularly. There must be better security measures in place to prevent these attacks from continuously happening. So what can actually be done? With technology on the forefront, there are a variety of security measures that can help prevent attacks from happening on school campuses. The better security measures that schools can put in place, the safer children will feel as they head to class on a mission to learn. Instead of appearing afraid that someone will harm them.

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