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Why Do Campuses Need Lockdown Procedures?

ARK Systems Lockdown Procedures

Many university and college campuses have developed lockdown procedures for active shooters, but they are necessary for various situations.

University and college campuses host thousands of students, visitors, and faculty on a daily basis. There are a lot of lives in the hands of campus officials, requiring constant security and emergency plans that have been put in place and regularly drilled to ensure that the campus is prepared in the case of an emergency. Lockdown procedures are reserved for some of the most serious emergencies, making them some of the least used but most important emergency contingency plans the university or college campus employs to protect everyone on its grounds.

Emergency Response

Lockdown procedures are a critical safety measure meant to keep students, visitors, and faculty safe in the event of an emergency that requires people to remain within the confines of a safe space (as opposed to a fire emergency, for example, which requires building evacuation). While lockdown procedures are often associated with active shooters, there are several scenarios where these procedures are important for keeping everyone on campus safe.

Active Shooter

Lockdown procedures for many university and college campuses were explicitly designed because of the rise of active shooter incidents. These procedures are developed as a means to prevent active shooter casualties through carefully developed strategies that intend to keep students and faculty contained in safe areas and out of sight or reach of the threat.

Bomb Threats

Lockdown procedures are also perfect for a bomb threat situation. While many of these turn out to be a hoax, this result should never be assumed. Lockdown measures should always be put in place to protect students, visitors, and faculty, as a bomb threat always has the potential to be legitimate. These procedures keep everyone on campus safe by keeping them from roaming the area and potentially coming into contact with a bomb that could cause serious injury or even loss of life.

Extreme Weather

Thanks to modern technology, we can often predict severe inclement weather and plan accordingly ahead of time to ensure the safety of everyone in the area. However, sometimes nature just does its own thing, and campuses full of people will have to protect everyone from extreme weather events. In this instance, keeping students, visitors, and faculty contained indoors and within inner rooms is often the best scenario during weather conditions such as flooding, a tornado, an earthquake, or other significant weather patterns.


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