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3 Compelling Reasons to Link Mass Notification Systems with Collaboration Tools

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Linking mass notification systems with increasingly more sophisticated collaboration tools makes good sense.

These days, keeping the public informed of potential threats is essential. Even if the government doesn’t mandate it, responsible businesses, schools, and public venues should go out of their way to communicate with their audiences as clearly as they can. For these reasons, linking mass notification systems with increasingly more sophisticated collaboration tools makes good sense. This much is true from a public relations standpoint and beneficial to your company’s bottom line! 

Your Technological Assets Bring Even More Value 

One easy way to begin the unification process is to inspect the types of technology you already have at your disposal. Organizational leaders should strive for ways to get the best value-for-money they can. While this strategy makes sense, integration might seem unnecessary and astronomically expensive. This misconception presents a stumbling block that shouldn’t exist. Devices, tools, systems, and channels (social media or not) all need to align. That way, emerging technologies can boost the alert and response time for emergency notifications.

These Upgrades Streamlines the Delivery of Urgent Notifications

Of course, before any emergency plans can be activated, there needs to be proper notice. Mass notification systems are often built into schools, churches, and airports, among other venues. Take a moment to think about why fire drills, evacuation procedures, and active shooter protocols matter so much in today’s society. Smartphone apps or equivalent applications on tablets, laptops, and desktop computers can all make a difference as well. Old and outdated technology could prove to be a critical weakness. 

Such flaws can be the downfall of even the most well-designed notification apparatus. That’s why allocating more of your budget towards safety, security, and surveillance ends up paying for itself. At first, you may be unsure how collaboration tools could even make a difference – but then, consider how the remote workforce has changed the way businesses operate. Going on-site again in the wake of the (hopefully receding) pandemic is a logistical challenge. As such, upper management and senior executives are charged with responsibility for the safety of every employee, customer, and visitor. Every stakeholder and member of the local community deserves the peace of mind that dangerous situations will be diminished or even eliminated.  

This Approach Simplifies Management and Resolution Methods

Collaboration tools make situational control much easier. As effective as your current management and resolution methods are, there is always room for improvement. In short, timely virtual collaboration minimizes the potential for utter catastrophe. 


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