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What Can Edge Analytics Do for Your Organization?

future proofing edge analytics ark systems

Object recognition is the real crux of how edge analytics work.

The future is almost always in flux. Despite our best efforts at improving all aspects of security, it’s still difficult to forecast what comes next. That’s why your organization needs to be prepared. Have you heard of the term “future-proofing” by chance? This strategy pays dividends, even if front-end costs may seem unacceptably steep at first. 

Right Now and What’s Next 

Object recognition is the real crux of how edge analytics work. That’s because, without the principle of deep learning, it cannot work as effectively. One of the ways in which edge analytics prove their worth is monitoring and managing heavy traffic. Think about how chaotic rush hour can get – and how confusing that can be for conventional surveillance systems and their human operators. Right now, the main focus of this innovation is placed upon so-called “scene analytics,” so the real question here is, “what does that mean?” It means a live, real-time view of a particular scene and unpacking what is going on. Then relevant alerts can change the situation theoretically for the better. Let’s run with our traffic control example. In this analogy, road sign warnings, pathfinding, and even the timing of traffic lights at highly-traveled intersections can help reduce accidents and other such incidents that can damage properties and harm people. 

The Influence of Data Abstraction 

Data abstraction is another key element of video surveillance that is currently underrated and underappreciated. In the end, filtering through the flood of data can be an immense challenge. Without the aid of sophisticated computer software and hardware, this process would be tedious and time-consuming. Data and metadata become the information that the cameras can decode and understand. It’s something that isn’t immediately apparent at first glance. It is worth investigating to help optimize the way your organization operates.  

Maximizing the Potential of This Approach 

As we indicated above, edge analytics create a fountainhead of data and metadata. This wealth of knowledge is fascinating in terms of insight – think about it this way, do you want to know how often customers visit your website? Or the websites associated with a wide array of clients? Then this investment can help. Machine learning can help you discover the “unknown unknowns” to create more prescient predictions. This attribute, in turn, enhances your ability to improve safety and security measures. Moreover, service delivery, efficiency, and faster delivery turnaround benefit your bottom line as well! So yes, the future is now!  


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