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4 Merits of Using QR Codes as Part of Your Access Control Strategy

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Consider how useful QR codes can be for your building.

Traditional theories surrounding physical security take a while to change. Even so, certain innovations come along that become a paradigm shift for the entire industry. The standard lock-and-key mechanism has paved the way for more advanced solutions such as magnetic locks and remote-controlled access doors that human operators can unlock via smartphone apps. These changes only represent the tip of the iceberg, though. Consider how useful QR codes can be for your building. If retailers and restaurants are already using them to provide customers with deals and menus, imagine the possibilities that you could use to boost your business! 

Budget-Friendly Solutions 

First of all, it’s good to know that QR codes are a boon for your bottom line. The steps involved in setting up such an arrangement can seem like a logistical nightmare, but they don’t have to be. For instance, you might balk at the prospects of purchasing, handling, printing, and distributing physical cards. Disposing of old cards that are no longer applicable can also be a challenge. Our point is that this isn’t necessary. Since these codes represent digital identification instead of physical, you can slash costs. You’ll also be doing your part to help the environment and reduce associated carbon emissions, as well.  

Easy to Use 

There’s something to be said about convenience and ease of use. Analytics are normally quite complex, but these data streams become incredibly valuable and easy to understand. This breakthrough is great news for hesitant facility managers and business owners looking to keep operational confusion to a minimum. Plus, integration with IP cameras and video door monitoring can increase your surveillance abilities to an astounding level. So if better visitor management control is your goal, then this investment is well worth the resources allocated towards it. 

Recognize and Identify License Plates 

As unlikely as it sounds, you can use QR codes to improve license plates registration efforts. License plates recognition software can be implemented as a pairing with this technical approach; this is particularly beneficial for hotels. Hotels are busy places, and with travel ramping up again as pandemic-era restrictions ease, they’re bound to get even busier. QR codes can provide guests with a secure way to access the parking garage or be notified whenever a nearby camera detects their license plate.  

Maximize Systems Integration Potential 

Systems integration also boosts your surveillance capabilities. After all, the goal of every building management team is to keep the occupants inside as safe as possible. Thus, using every technological asset possible is the best way to go. Audio sensors and sound analysis can help pinpoint risky situations or wherever visitors might call for assistance – such as in elevators that get stuck. 


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