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3 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Nurse Call System

ARK systems update nurse call system

Discover the reasons why you should update your nurse call system.

Staying on top of operational needs is essential for any facility. This is especially true in the health industry, where connection and responsiveness are of the utmost priority. If your nurse call system isn’t working as well as possible, it may be time to install an update with ARK Systems. Read on to learn just a few of the best times to update your nurse call system. 

Your Facility Is Growing

As your facility grows, so will your needs in various areas. For example, you may onboard new staff to keep up with demand or buy new equipment to offer patients the best possible experience. These developments mandate investment in the resources your facility needs to operate, which may include an updated call system. Having an alert system that can keep up with the needs and development of your facility is essential to delivering next-level patient care. Wireless systems provide for the easy expansion of your alert systems and likewise position your infrastructure to be more efficient down the line.

Your Facility Is Reliant On Wires And Cables

Wires are frequently annoying and pointless in this day and age and can be efficiently replaced with wireless technology. Upgrading to a wireless system comes with many benefits not only to your patients but also to your staff. When leveraged in a healthcare setting, this advanced technology can allow a patient to quickly alert staff or call for assistance in an emergency. At the same time, wireless technology offers your staff increased range and freedom of movement while on duty. A wireless nurse call system can connect to pagers and cell phones, allowing for a singular point of connection between all members of your team.

You’ve Got Outdated Systems

We all know that the best tools get the best results. Why wouldn’t you want your facility to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible? When your current nurse call system is outdated, it can pose many problems for your team and patients. This could be in the form of delayed notifications or slow response times, which can lead to costly errors and missed opportunities. Whether your system is on the fritz or you’re looking to implement a newer version of your already existing software, it’s important that you have communication tools that are updated and useful for patients and staff alike.


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