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Why You Should Consider Aspirating Smoke Detection

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Aspirating Smoke Detectors are technologically advanced, highly sensitive tools that prevent fires in their earliest stages

Aspirating Smoke Detectors are technologically advanced, highly sensitive tools that prevent fires in their earliest stages. Rather than waiting for the smoke to fill up a room, then sounding off as it reaches the detector, these systems are constantly testing the air for smoke particles. If your business stores crucial data, or your facilities have high ceilings such as those in a warehouse, please read more to find out if ASD is the right choice for you.

How does it work?

Aspirating Smoke Detectors (ASD) may vary in small ways, but as photoelectric alarms, they all have three necessary components:

  1. Sampling pipes, which collect air from the protected space through some holes, then transport it to the detector
  2. The detector that functions with its own process:
  • A fan draws the air from the room to a chamber
  • This highly sensitive chamber detects smoke particulate
  • A filter that works to remove debris from the sensor, which may damage it over time
  1. Exhaust pipe moves sampled air out of the system 

The Savvy of ASD

These detectors integrate safety and design in the range of options that many manufacturers offer. They are less visually disruptive than traditional smoke detectors, and can be customized to fit your buildings’ needs. Installing modern fire alarm systems is crucial to the general safety of your business. Though Aspirating Smoke Detection tends to be a more expensive option, the peace of mind that comes with knowing any potential fires will be caught and handled early is priceless.

Codes and Standards

Of course, even the best detection system in the world needs to be backed up by a well-rehearsed evacuation plan. Along with this, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) provides specifications for the type of detection system that your Aspirating Smoke Detectors would be a part of.


Very Early Warning Fire Detection systems have the greatest sensitivity, but detect for the smallest square footage (just 200sq. ft.). Early Warning Fire Detection systems are slightly less sensitive, and take about 30s longer to detect smoke, but they cover almost double the area. A Standard Fire Detection system with ASD will work about the same as a traditional smoke detector and covers about 900sq. ft. of space. 



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