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The Best Emergency Notification System

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Every choice you make for your business matters, but there are not many that are so important as which emergency notification system (ENS) you decide to use.

Every choice you make for your business matters, but there are not many that are so important as which emergency notification system (ENS) you decide to use. These systems are built and optimized to deliver critical information rapidly. They need to reach potentially huge populations and do it quickly and securely. This is why we’ll break down the key features of any ENS worth its salt.


The process for sending updates through your emergency notification system should be quick and straightforward. Nobody should have to fiddle around with a several-step authentication process in an emergency. As you research different systems, pay close attention to their user interfaces. Take your level of tech literacy into account when you do so. It may take up more of your time to compare and contrast one system to another this way, but it is entirely worth it.

Messaging Options

Consider your audience! Do most people in your organization keep a cellphone on them at all times? Does everyone sit at their computer? These questions will help you align your decision-making with your exact needs. The gold standard is an emergency notification system that can make itself known on multiple mediums. You will breathe easier knowing that you’ve done everything to ensure that none of your team members will slip through the cracks.  


Usually, expecting a service to “do-it-all” is a recipe for disappointment. However, emergency notification systems are a bit different in that regard. Those that offer an entire menu of related services are great options as they streamline all sorts of processes and help business owners save money. For example, a system might also provide document sharing capabilities, online training courses, and administrative tools. If your research leads you to find out that you need more than just messaging, seek a more comprehensive option. 


An emergency notification system should work, full stop. It should work the first time, every time. A system that costs less but functions less reliably is an even bigger waste of money than one that you may believe is overpriced. A reliable ENS will do its job with no issues in the rare situation that an emergency strikes your workplace. As long as you put in the work to prepare your business, then the system should be able to take over without a hitch. Read the reviews for the system you are considering to get the full picture of how it functions in the real world. 


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