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4 Benefits of Using Video Verification

Keeping your business safe should be one of your highest priorities. There are many ways to go about doing this, but one of the most useful is taking advantage of video verification. This technology can help provide valuable proof after any scenarios involving break-ins, theft, and vandalism. Plus, your employees will feel safer when they come into work. Let’s have a look at some other benefits of video verification. 

4 Benefits of Using Video Verification
Let’s have a look at some other benefits of video verification.

Prevent False Alarms

False alarms can sour your relationship with first responders and other authorities. Plus it can make your business look bad in the eyes of customers and clients while giving your competitors something to boast about – they don’t allow false alarms to happen! Whether these alerts have to do with fires or intrusions, you need to do what you can to reduce their frequency. Depending on where your company is based, there could even be stiff fines and other penalties incurred by incidents involving false alarms. Video verification technology can ensure that an actual emergency is taking place – something that isn’t a waste of time or resources!

Improve First Response

A better relationship with the authorities means a quicker response by police and a higher chance of the case being solved. False alerts are more likely to be ignored or deemphasized compared to verified ones; this is another reason why video verification is a wise choice when it comes to upgrading your commercial security systems.  

Collect Necessary Evidence 

As mentioned above, it is sometimes necessary to collect evidence. This evidence can help win a case in court, whether criminal or civil. It can also be used to help get better insurance premiums from your insurance carrier. After all, after any reported incident, they will likely ask for verifiable proof as justification for a payment amount, especially if there is a threshold attached to the insurance payment.

Protection for Employees 

Finally, consider how adding this upgrade will make your employees feel. If your office is based in a relatively unsafe area, then this can help them feel better that no one will want in off the street. The only visitors who can enter will be the ones who are authorized to do. When paired with other types of access control systems, you can make your workplace an even safer place to be!

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