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What is an AI-Powered Camera?

More and more businesses are unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence. It is one of the ultimate evolutions of our collective computing technology. In short, it is the way of the future. Investing in AI-powered cameras to help protect your commercial property can make an enormous difference. Let’s find out how. 

What is an AI-Powered Camera?
One way an AI-powered camera can make a difference is that it is supremely skilled at recognizing faces.

Recognizing Faces

One way an AI-powered camera can make a difference is that it is supremely skilled at recognizing faces. These faces can then be compared to a database stored on the camera’s associated network. Face-unlock technology is already becoming a standard on many smartphones, so it makes sense that this would be deployed on a larger scale. For any companies considering implementing biometric security, this is one of the quickest ways to make it happen. 

Mimicking Hardware

Even though modern technology demands more memory and storage to operate smoothly, there are ways to get around that necessity. At the same time, AI and AI-powered cameras can also mimic the functions of other pieces of hardware. This allows the camera to overcome any potential flaws or shortcomings in technical specs. Relying on a vast amount of user data makes a difference since these cameras can be designed to be more efficient, even if it doesn’t have as many lenses as competing models do. This attribute also offsets the possibility of low-quality images that may make it more difficult to decipher what the image is due to dips in resolution.  

Identifying Threats

With gun violence in public spaces such as schools and movie theaters an ever-present specter of danger, identifying threats such as active shooters is more crucial than ever. One last benefit of using AI-powered camera technology is that it can help security services discover the identity of anyone acting suspiciously shortly before a mass shooting incident occurs. Along with detecting guns and other weapons, these cameras can also send a distress signal to first responders and other authorities independent of human operators. This can help improve response time and prevent a tragedy or minimize the chaos associated with one. Cloud-based video streaming makes this scenario possible, and it is something that every business should seek to take advantage of, no matter their size or the number of resources they have at their disposal. 

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