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4 Security Systems for a Safe School Environment

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Learn which security systems are needed to create a safe learning environment.

Whether housing pre-k students, middle schoolers, or college students, higher-ups of all educational institutions should prioritize the safety of their students, teachers, parents, and staff above all else. It is no secret that over the past decade, many incidents have occurred across the United States that caused people to rightfully question the safety and security of learning environments. While there is no way to predict each dangerous situation that could potentially arise, there are a few different security systems to prevent such events from occurring.

Fire Alarms

A proper fire alarm system is integral to ensuring the safety of everyone in the building. With a fire alarm system in place, it makes it possible to execute fire drills. Staff, students, and teachers can be made aware of emergency protocols in the event of an actual fire thus limiting mishaps, panic, and most importantly injuries amongst everyone. Fire alarms also enable a quicker response time from first responders.


Another important tool to help ensure safety in educational environments is security cameras. They help create a safer environment for students and serve as an efficient way to increase emergency response while allowing appropriate personnel to monitor and understand arising emergency situations. Other ways that surveillance is useful in educational environments:

  • Helpful in deterring crime and school violence
  • Serves as a tool to monitor and solve bullying
  • Discourages acts of crime and prohibited behavior such as trespassing, assault, and vandalism.
  • Encourages safe behavior amongst both students and staff
  • Increases the efficiency of monitoring school grounds, hallways, and entrances (thus preventing unwanted visitors)
  • Serves as a great tool to document evidence to help solve a crime or ongoing issue.


 Effective communication is key to properly responding to any crisis. Without the proper tools to for staff and school personnel to communicate with one another, their own safety and the safety of their students are at great risk. Whether by pager or intercom, with the appropriate channels of communication in place school faculty can be made fully aware of potentially harmful situations before they arise, appropriate decisions can be made to ensure the safety of students, and altogether threats to the safety of school attendees are decreased.

Access Control

Securing the perimeter of a school’s property is an important part of safety plans. Implementing proper access control is an effective way to manage who has access to all entryways keeping potential crime at bay as well as detecting crime before it occurs.


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