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4 Strategies for Securing Houses of Worship

As we go into the new year, achieving peace and safety isn’t just a state of mind. It also involves making sure that your community organization is much safer. Homes, businesses, hospitals, and campuses need to protected, but you cannot overlook the importance of securing houses of worship as well. 

4 Strategies for Securing Houses of Worship
Homes, businesses, hospitals, and campuses need to be protected, but you cannot overlook the importance of securing houses of worship as well.

Assessing Security Measures 

The first step is to make an assessment of the current security measures for your place of worship. Churches and cathedrals are not the only locations that deserve to be protected – synagogues, mosques, and temples all need to be secured as well. The property that surrounds each place of worship also needs to be evaluated. Trust the opinions of security experts who can recommend improvements to both physical security and cybersecurity

Upgrading Extant Infrastructure

You may need to update your existing security apparatus. Before you can make any changes, though, you will need to wait for a full plan to materialize. Adding surveillance cameras, access control systems, firewalls, and emergency alert notifications are most valuable than a cost-to-risk analysis can indicate.

Forming Safety Committees 

Another good idea is to encourage members of your congregation to contribute. One way they can do this is by organizing into committees focused on fostering both safety and security. Any place of worship represents a sanctuary to those who need it the most. Emphasize that purpose as one of the reasons to make your house of worship more welcoming to outsiders who may not necessarily be a member of your faith, but do so within reason. Another way to empower the people under your roof is to concentrate on improving current emergency response and evacuation plans. Changing with the times and the evolution of your surrounding neighborhoods and communities is vital – without it, your religious organization won’t be the same. 

Forming Agreements with Authorities

Finally, be sure to build bonds with the local authorities and law enforcement officials. After all, they will often be among the first responders during a violent incident or other crisis that affects your building. The written agreement in question must also stipulate that uniformed deputies or officers remain on-site to protect everyone whether or not services are actively in session.  

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