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How to Monitor School Access and Ensure Control Over Visitors

How to Monitor School Access and Ensure Control Over Visitors

The school year is winding down. As such, it becomes even more critical to monitor school access.

The school year is winding down. As such, it becomes even more critical to monitor school access. Whether at the start of the day or at the end, you never know who can get in during the activity of hundreds of students and teachers moving all at once. Here is how you can manage it.

School Access Means Safety

At all schools, safety is of paramount importance. Whether it is an elementary school or college campus, administrators should do everything they can to ensure the well-being of students, staff, and faculty. Schools need to be encouraging places of learning that foster academic success. At the same time, preventing any emergency situations due to unwanted visitors requires stricter measures when it comes to deciding who can enter the school premises and who can’t.

Enhancing School Safety

Emphasize the Main Entrance: The main entrance of the school building should receive the majority of school access control. This area is where most visitors and occupants will enter the building, even if they go to a satellite building or any fields and stadiums on school property. Use highly visible signs indicating the location of the main entrance and how to enter. Alert visitors who do not follow sign-in/sign-out procedures at the office that they could be seen as trespassers. Assigning a school resource officer to escort visitors is also another idea to consider.

Secure Other Entrances: While keeping the main entrance is secure, it is important to also secure side doors and other smaller entrances. The cafeteria, auditorium, and gym are all areas with other doors that must be monitored for school access purposes.

Upgrade Intercom Systems: Intercom systems are immensely helpful for facilitating communications. Such a system allows the office to stay in touch with teachers, especially if there is a situation that disrupts the normal flow of the school day. Cameras and buzzers are also critical elements of a school access system, which should be overseen in the main office.

Issue Access Cards: This measure may sound unorthodox, but with advances in technology becoming more affordable for schools and school systems to deploy, these access cards can make a difference. Distribute these cards to authorized teachers, staff, and faculty so they can unlock doors as they approach.

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