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5 Challenges Faced in Implementing Access Control for Your Organization

Access control is a security measure that requires consistency in order to successfully protect data within a system.

In the past decade alone, access control has become a crucial security measure in protecting the data, employees, and property of an organization. If you are currently considering access control for your business, consider these five common challenges and be well prepared to address them in order to successfully maintain your access control system.

A Need for Consistency

Access control is a security measure that requires consistency in order to successfully protect data within a system. With this, there can sometimes be many inconsistencies in its implementation, as there are many different ways that data is transported within a company. Some examples of this include data that moves across cloud storage, servers, and mobile wifi that can put data at risk.

Determining Your Control Model

While there are several different control models available to suit your access control system, the most common is the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) model, in which user access is determined by need and privilege associated with their role in the organization. This model prevents other users from accessing sensitive information that is not necessary to their role.

A Need for Various Solutions

Most access control models, including the above mentioned RBAC model, often require more than one form of technology to successfully implement the security measure. This can sometimes involve multi factor authentication to ensure secure access from only specific individuals who should be accessing that information.

Strengthening Authorization Measures

Accurately determining authorization measures for every employee within an organization can be a challenge for any business. One of the greatest challenges in this is consistently monitoring your access control system for any unusual activity so that you can proactively stop security threats before they start. Part of this is regularly conducting compliance and vulnerability checks on your system to ensure that everything is running properly and no data is at risk.

A Need for Flexibility

Just as technology is ever changing in the world today, your access control system should be well equipped to adapt to any changes as necessary. This includes updated applications and increased security checks to safeguard your system and eliminate any minor risks before they grow and pose a major threat to your organization.

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