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Are You Considering Utilizing the Cloud for Your Business? Beware of these Top 3 Security Threats

Much like any other form of data storage, the cloud is also vulnerable to data loss caused by malicious attacks or accidents that may result in the permanent deletion of data within the system.

Within the past decade, businesses gained new opportunities for endless data storage in “the cloud”, a wireless mobile storage solution eliminating the issue of storage space on a hard drive. However this new technology, though convenient, presents us with a new series of cybersecurity threats to information living in this form of storage. In its 2017 annual report on recent cloud security threats, the Cloud Security Alliance identified 12 main threats to cloud storage, known as the “Treacherous 12”. If you are considering making the switch to the cloud for either personal or business use, consider the three main threats identified in this report.

Insider Threat

The first of these three major threats to cloud security is that of insider threat, the risk of information being exploited by an insider within an organization. This individual is often someone who is familiar with the security protocol and access codes within company systems, such as a current or former employee. The best way to combat the risk of insider threat is to follow strict protocol with cutting off ex-employee access to systems and frequently updating credentials to eliminate the risk of a recurring threat.

Risk of Data Loss

Much like any other form of storage, the cloud is also vulnerable to data loss caused by malicious attacks or accidents that may result in the permanent deletion of data within the system. This risk is especially heightened when companies do not have any form of backup for data stored in the cloud, leaving any information in its storage susceptible to loss with almost no means of recovery. These instances illustrate the many reasons why it is especially crucial to maintain some form of backup for company data.

Lack of Due Diligence

While the cloud is a new and improved storage option, many companies will attempt to bypass stricter security measures and complex restrictions by outsourcing data storage or utilizing the cloud. When businesses and organizations outsource their HR information and company data to smaller companies, they often fail to perform their due diligence on checking the security measures which protect their data. In such cases, this particular form of negligence can result in the risk of data breaches, fraud, or data loss from a lack of precautionary measures.


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