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5 Critical Components of a Strong Security Network

ARK Systems Strong Security Network

All commercial properties should consider employing all of the components of a strong security network in order to protect their property and the people that spend time in their facility.

There’s nothing like a strong security network to protect a commercial facility from tragedy. There are several important components to a strong security network, but what makes the network strong is the use of modern systems and proper integration to create a web that catches anyone trying to slip through unnoticed.

Access Control

When looking for the best security, the first place to install security systems is at your access points. Access control systems provide your facility’s first line of defense, which means they need to be the right fit for your facility and up to modern standards. Regardless of the facility, the best access control systems are integrated with other security systems to provide comprehensive entry coverage.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are a staple in the security industry. Don’t limit yourself to the basics—commercial properties are experiencing a lot of unique problems that standard security systems often fail to circumvent. Alarm systems should be integrated with all other security systems in the facility, but commercial properties should also consider proximity alarms, weapon detection systems, and other alarm systems that can quickly send an alert when a potential threat is detected.

Surveillance Cameras

No security system is complete without surveillance cameras. A modern and well-integrated surveillance system is the cornerstone of any good security network. While these systems are the foundation of strong security, many commercial properties make the mistake of only having a surveillance system or having a severely outdated system that is not able to be properly integrated within the security network. Without this critical integration, you might just end up watching crimes unfold on your overnight video feed instead of having the opportunity to put a stop to them as they occur.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Surveillance cameras are a core component of a strong security system, but thermal imaging cameras are severely underrated. Businesses and other commercial facilities tend to be at their most vulnerable during off-hours, which are generally at night. The night provides the cover of darkness, and there are usually no staff members on site to prevent crimes such as theft or vandalism. Having thermal imaging cameras can provide immediate information if motion is detected, and modern systems have gotten very good at differentiating between humans and other creatures in order to minimize false alarms.

Fire Safety & Suppression

When people think about security, they often treat fire safety and suppression systems as separate issues. This is a mistake—fire safety and suppression systems are part of a commercial facility’s security systems. People cannot be safe and secure if your facility does not have adequate fire safety systems to protect them.

Like everything else, fire safety and suppression systems should be integrated into the security network to ensure the most comprehensive security and the safety of everyone that uses your facility.


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