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5 Systems Integration Factors That Affect the Effectiveness of Video Surveillance

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Harden your video surveillance against physical conditions around it.

Modern technology is already improving. On the other hand, integrating the various modern technologies your company needs can be a challenge. Numerous factors and considerations can make this transition even more difficult than it needs to be. That said, we are confident that you can accomplish it. Power supply points and interconnectivity go beyond the expected assets such as network solutions, streaming data solutions, and data transmission and storage concerns. 

Account for Such Considerations During Initial Planning 

Thoughtful planning can ensure overwhelming success or catastrophic failure. That’s why power and connectivity need to be a part of what you plan for during relevant upgrade discussions. Power over Ethernet or PoE presents a so-called “one cable” methodology. Each solution has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. As such, all of them could require deeper research to avoid shoddy installations, unsatisfactory performance, and the stability of WiFi or Internet connections. 

Think About The Location Where the Video Surveillance Operates 

The next step in this process considers the geographic location where the video surveillance system will be mounted. Installations in busy city centers demand different allocations of resources than a similar system in a sleepy suburban setting. Various laws, rules, and regulations can interfere with your plans. 

International Boundaries

Even if your main headquarters are found on the East Coast of the USA, how different will it be for satellite offices in the UK, Israel, or Japan? All components must be properly certified. The consequences of failing this basic test could be unpleasant or even harsh. Different countries have various power grid capabilities and access to high-speed Internet. 

Dispositions of Power Grids

Brownouts and power surges can damage your systems in significant ways. They might not work as effectively as they used to, or they might even be rendered permanently inoperable. Going offline like this leads to downtime that could lead to loss of reputation or affect your revenue streams and ultimately hurt your bottom line.    

Rethink How Physical Conditions Could Affect the System 

Likewise, harden your video surveillance against physical conditions around it. Intense heat and powerful storms can degrade the integrity of physical surveillance systems or interrupt consistent and efficient monitoring. Midspans, switches, and enclosure cabinets are worthwhile investments. That’s because they protect the cameras and prevent connections from coming undone. Machinery vibrations, fire and smoke, and explosions are additional environmental hazards you cannot ignore. PoE extenders and media converters serve as ways to reinforce fiber optic cabling systems as contingencies in case of system failure or breakdown. 


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