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The Advantages of Upgrading Your Company’s Alarm and Security Systems

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How long have your current security systems been in place?

Operating your company requires dedication and clever usage of the assets you already have. Even if you are among the industry leaders at doing so, there is always some room for improvement. When was the last time your alarms were inspected? Likewise, how long have your current security systems been in place? If you can’t answer these questions because you don’t remember, that’s a surefire problem. Fortunately, we have assembled some of the most compelling reasons why upgrades are well worth the resources you spend on them. 

You Can Incorporate More Advanced Cameras 

Security camera technology is improving all the time: case in point, edge analytics. These data streams help you track how things have changed and give you a glimpse of the future. What comes next? You’ll be better equipped to foresee issues that haven’t cropped up yet. Smart cameras discourage potential crimes. They also reduce liability in case lawsuits are brought against you. Plus, when you use more sophisticated cameras, your business insurance carrier is more likely to give you highly beneficial discounts. 

Utilize Remote Control Even When You’re Away 

Smarter alarm systems are better for business. That’s because commercial-class security solutions are engineered to be more stringent than their residential counterparts. No longer will you have to fiddle with keypads or biometric measures. Now, your smartphone or tablet can be the control panel whenever you’re on the move. By taking this approach, arming and disarming the system will be a breeze. 

Constant Surveillance for Suspicious Activity 

It’s uplifting to believe that other people attempt to be as honest as you are. Even so, be on your guard. Not everyone is so respectful of others’ property and belongings. That’s why upgraded security systems turn out to be a dependable first line of defense. This monitoring capability stays alert even after business hours and on weekends when your office is unoccupied. Much like doorbell cameras, these systems will inform you when something isn’t right. Plus, they’ll warn you if you left the alarms off by mistake. You can then turn them back on with the associated app.  

Enhance Your Access Control Capabilities 

Access control has always been a hot-button issue. There’s no question it will continue to be at the forefront of security concerns. No matter what your company does, or the services it provides, enhancing your access control capabilities is always the smart move. 

End the So-Called Thermostat Wars 

September isn’t that far away. Even though September is considered the start of the fall season, it’s still bound to be unseasonably warm. Or cold. That’s why your in-office employees will start to clash over control of the thermostat. Smart thermostats are often bundled with high-end security systems – so put them to good use!


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