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How Sound Detection Solutions Can Make a Difference in Hospitals

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Amidst all of the chaos, how can sound detection make a difference? The truth is, it can make a remarkable one.

At one point, it seemed like the COVID-19 pandemic was finally in decline. The worst of it was over, thanks to the effectiveness of the vaccines. Unfortunately, the situation has begun to change and not in positive ways. The Delta variant is spreading farther and faster than previous versions did. Hospitals are overwhelmed, ICUs are running out of beds, and hospital workers are beyond exhausted. Amidst all of the chaos, how can sound detection make a difference? The truth is, it can make a remarkable one. 

Sound Detection Can Analyze Stress

Medical emergencies cause enormous stress. Stress can manifest as anger and aggression, especially when in the tensest situations. Even in the emergency room, a patient could face hours of waiting. As a result, frustration and panic create a volatile mix that quickly erupts into hostility. Decreasing wait times is the simplest response. However, like many other conceptual approaches, this method is much easier said than done. People-counting analytics and HIPAA-compliant sound detection systems minimize such incidents. Sound detection can analyze raised voices and determine if more personnel are needed. 

It Addresses the Need for Innovative Security Protocols 

Surveillance cameras are essential elements of security technology. They are often placed inside hospital corridors as well as along the exterior perimeters. Besides, many hospitals practice the philosophy of “free movement,” in which visitors can go wherever they want, for the most part. Open public access needs to be balanced with smart safety precautions, though. One such precaution calls for staff members interacting with visitors to check IDs and ask about intentions. Network door controllers, video and two-way audio systems facilitate communication as well.  

Additional Opportunities to Respond to Disruptions

Aggressive behavior training is necessary for many workplace settings. Still, violent disruptions will become more prevalent as hospitals and other healthcare facilities fill up with patients worried about Covid and its associated breakthrough infections. Properly-trained workers can de-escalate such scenarios and keep everyone as safe as possible. Several states have gone as far as to create laws that mandate hospital administrators to draw up safety plans for their staff. 

Sound Detection Increases Security Around Sensitive Areas 

Mental healthcare needs to receive as much attention and care as physical ailments do. Individuals who are mentally are stigmatized as violent and unhinged, and their illness explains their harmful behavior. Highly-trained psychiatric nurses and doctors can assist these patients. Likewise, network door controllers and sound detection systems provide monitoring measures to ensure such patients do not present risks to themselves or others. 


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