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5 Ways to Protect Your Devices on Public WiFi Networks

5 Ways to Protect Your Devices on Public WiFi Networks
Many employees rely on public WiFi to help make their jobs easier.

Many employees rely on public WiFi to help make their jobs easier. After all, the workplace is spreading out from beyond the corner office to a home office or setting up shop at a coffee shop with a laptop. Many students in high school and colleges also rely on these networks to study and complete homework assignments whether or not they are on campus or not. Here are some tips on how to protect your mobile devices while taking advantage of public WiFi networks

Virtual Private Networks 

A virtual private network, or VPN, is the most secure way to protect your devices and personal information. Whenever you need to access your work assets from a remote location, this is the best way to go about it. This provides a tunnel of encryption that prevents unauthorized access or spying on what you are doing. Any outside interference is rendered impossible by the use of the VPN, even on somewhat unreliable public WiFi networks

Security Programs 

Malware and viruses can affect your computers and mobile devices no matter where you are. Keeping up your subscriptions, along with constantly updating and patching these programs is your best defense against intrusive programs that can hijack your devices and programs. Protecting your data and the data relating to your customers and clients is essential, especially when it comes to sensitive information

Protecting Financial Uses 

Speaking of sensitive information, spending your money through credit or debit cards linked to your smartphone can be incredibly convenient. Exposing your financial information is incredibly risky, and public WiFi is usually left unsecured unless a password is offered to all users.  

Using Stronger Passwords

Your in-house network should be protected by strong passwords. This goes for both commercial and residential properties, of course – but the same goes for protecting the accounts linked to your mobile devices, whether they are signed in on your laptop, your smartphone, or your tablet. Uppercase and lowercase letters should be mixed in with numbers, and symbols that are special characters. Perhaps a random password generator can help? Using common password formation details would make it all too easy for intruders to crack your defenses and get through to the other side. 

Relying on Secure Websites

Wherever you go, do your best to depend on secured websites. The acronym “HTTPS” should be all you need to determine if you can trust the site or if you want to take your chances with an unsecured website that might run more quickly but won’t do as much to protect your data. 

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