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How to Keep Your Hotel Stay Secure: Tips for Guests

How to Keep Your Hotel Stay Secure: Tips for Guests
Whenever you check into a hotel, you have a few immediate expectations.

Whenever you check into a hotel, you have a few immediate expectations. Some of those are more on the hospitality side—having a clean, comfortable room, all the amenities you were promised, and getting excellent services from any employees that you meet. Another high priority is hotel security. Knowing that you’re safe and secure whenever you’re away from home and settling down into a hotel for some time is massively important. Not everyone knows how to keep themselves safe when they’re staying at a hotel, which is why we’ve put together a list of some hotel security tips to always keep in mind. 

Awareness At Check-In

Once you check-in, you want to make sure the hotel has all of your documents without the need to say your information out loud. Handing them your written down name, phone number, and a print-out of your reservation, as well as photocopies of your documents, can help keep the chatter to a minimum, preventing revealing your sensitive information out loud. You also want to make sure you’re not letting concierge services take your bag; for best hotel security practices, keep your belongings in front of you until you’re safely in your room. 

Choosing a Floor

You’re going to want to avoid selecting a room on the top or ground floors. The ground floor often allows for easy access, whereas levels above that are going to typically require the use of your keycard to access the floor itself. Staying on the top floor gives you a bit less maneuverability in an emergency scenario, so its best to avoid it altogether and opt for something in that sweet spot in the middle.

Using Do Not Disturb Signs 

Indicators that you’d prefer not to be disturbed are a smart way to keep yourself safe. This technique includes the notorious do-not-disturb sign on the door, but leaving your TV on a low volume setting can cause people to assume someone is in the room at all times. For the duration of your stay, you should be the only person entering or leaving your room unless there is some specific need you have, such as housekeeping.

Know Your Surroundings

There’s only so much you can do in regards to your room and hotel security. The best way to protect yourself is with pure knowledge. Knowing what the surrounding area looks like, having a map on hand, and understanding the orientation of what’s around you can go a long way in keeping yourself safe. 

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