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6 Cybersecurity Tips to Ensure the Integrity of Your Commercial WiFi Network

6 Cybersecurity Tips to Ensure the Integrity of Your Commercial WiFi Network

Follow these six cybersecurity tips to help ensure the integrity of your commercial WiFi network.

Smaller businesses have fewer resources to work with than their larger counterparts. While the titans of the industry can afford to have top of the line cybersecurity when it comes to their internal wireless networks, small businesses have to make do with what they can. Follow these six cybersecurity tips to help ensure the integrity of your commercial WiFi network.  

Choose a Better Password

Our first piece of cybersecurity advice applies to average users as well as small businesses. For administrative access, the WiFi router will come with a standard password of many randomly-assembled letters and numbers. These assemblies will form coherent words and phrases. However, it’s best if you choose a new password that is better-suited to your small business’s needs.

Bring Up The Firewall

Verify that the firewall protecting your network is running. Firewalls are a critical aspect of cybersecurity since they serve as a shield against malware, hackers, and other harmful intrusions.

Filter MAC Addresses

Many modern devices can use Wifi. Whether it’s a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, or even a printer, all of these will have a media access control address or MAC address. To increase the cybersecurity potential of your small business, all you have to do is enable MAC address filtering – where only authorized devices can join the network.

Make Sure Firmware is Updated

Software updates are important for every program. But making sure the firmware is kept up to date is even more critical. The firmware is what allows your router to work, and updated firmware can prevent security risks from affecting the stability and integrity of your wifi.

Log Out When Done

Most routers are controlled by a web-based browser which allows you to make changes as necessary. Especially when multiple users are granted access to the system, you must ensure everyone is logging out in between sessions when they are done.

Protect the Computers Themselves

It is also vital to protect the computers themselves and make sure that they stay secure. This tip also applies towards any other devices that will be on your business network. Whenever the antivirus programs on the connected computers need to be updated, go ahead and update them. Periodic updates to the operating system may be frustrating and meddlesome, but they are another way you can protect your internal network.

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