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Airport Security and Improving Safety

Airport Security and Improving Safety
Going through airport security often feels like a hassle. Despite how inconvenient it is, never forget that its purpose is to keep all air passengers safe.

Going through airport security often feels like a hassle. Despite how inconvenient it is, never forget that its purpose is to keep all air passengers safe. Airport security is always improving by leaps and bounds. Here are some of the ways that these technological strides are manifesting

More Advanced Body Scanners 

One of the ways that airports are emphasizing their security measures is by incorporating body scanners. You have gone through these because the TSA agents ask you to step inside the machine and raise your arms. Like many other types of technological solutions, these scanners are getting more accurate and less invasive than ever. What this means is that you won’t need to stand still or take off belts and shoes before passing through the chamber. Body heat and artificial intelligence are both used to make these scanners more potent than they were in the past. 

Defending Against Drones 

Drones have a wide array of uses, from being recreational hobbies to powerful missile platforms as military assets. However, whenever they buzz around the airport, they are both a nuisance and a potential threat to safety and security. One way to counter them is by using stronger regulations about where they can and can’t fly; another one is to enforce geofencing principles. In other words, there are certain invisible boundaries that the drones cannot cross so that they don’t interfere with aircraft preparing to take off or come in for a smooth landing.

Integrating Electronic Passports 

The old-school paper passports may soon be a relic of the past. These solutions are also known as biometric passports, which should give you an indication of how they are supposed to work. These passports are equipped with a special chip that machines can read more quickly, which also speeds up the lines that all passengers must form. It reduces human error and makes the job of airport staff that much less difficult, all the while reducing passenger stress. 

Using Facial ID Measures 

Facial ID, as we have seen before, is changing the game as we know it. Facial recognition is a straightforward way to unlock your smartphone instead of always punching in a pin-code. Still, this measure matches your face to the ID that you present. Although this sounds good in principle, the technology behind this innovation has yet to fully mature. 

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