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An IT Approach To Layering Security Systems For Best Results


Securing network systems is crucial to protect critical information.

Security departments have been in charge of protecting the physical assets when it comes to security measures. However, the operation and protection of many electronic data systems have been in the hands of IT departments who have focused on the layering approach towards securing information. Now it seems as though security departments are taking a cue from IT departments and implementing a more layered approach towards securing and protecting people and infrastructures that require such secure protections.

Taking A Cue From IT Departments

Looking at IT departments and their layered approach towards securing vital electronic information have given rise to the same implementation procedures in security departments as well. In fact, recent cyber attacks have exposed severe vulnerabilities within network infrastructures that go beyond the simple IT networks. As result, security departments are needing to implement more stringent practices in place to create a more secure environment for important documents and data. The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, resulting in a blurring between IT departments and network security personnel. It’s important to understand the vital necessity of the IoT such as being use to build smart homes, network enabled appliances, planes, and automobiles.

Cybersecurity Protection

With this new need for more secure network systems, more education is required to produce the proper systems that can ensure the protection of all important data and documents. The obstacle that most manufacturers face is the fact that network-enabled security features such as surveillance cameras are difficult to make to create a balance between effectiveness and extra protections. For instance, a product with strong cyber security protections often lacks an easy installation process which can turn customers away. Conversely, a product that is easy to install often lacks the strict security practices needed to ensure that all documents are stored in a secure network. Therefore, creating a product that can combine these two requirements is the struggle that most manufacturers continue to face.


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