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Broader Access Control Configuration

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Access control systems have really come a long way!

ONVIF, the world’s leading global standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products, has just announced a new and final release of its Profile A. With a brand-new configuration, access control systems can now be broadened. The Profile A configuration provides and establishes a standardized interface that access control systems can use to expand the various configurations of ONVIF access control systems. This release is the first time that open specification allows for all the mixing and matching of various access control devices and clients within a system. As a result, multi-vendor projects are now much easier to accomplish than before.

ONVIF Profile A

There is so much great advances coming from this one configuration system. In fact, ONVIF Profile A encompasses daily access control functions for a variety of functions. From granting or revoking employee credentials to creating and updating schedules, ONVIF Profile A really broadens the configurations of access control systems giving clients a great tool to use in their respective business industries. Furthermore, Profile A deepens interoperability within the vast access control market. By functioning to increase various system management functions, ONVIF Profile A serves to enable configurations of credentialing, scheduling, and access privileges via the Profile A-conformant client interface.

Greater Interoperability

Profile A allows end users to make hardware and software choices based on functionality and performance. In fact, Profile A bridges the gap between legacy hardware and brand-new software seamlessly. The new Profile further enables integration between access control and IP video management systems when they are combined with ONVIF Profile C. As a result, basic access control systems are seeing a brand-new wave of configurations that can lead to more and more integration providing clients and businesses with a great asset.

Bottom Line

In the end, Profile A can be a huge asset to businesses who want broader access control configurations. While only available in limited release, Profile A is something that is sure to make quite a lasting impression on stakeholders who have invested money in ONVIF. As a result, the final release is sure to be one that pays close attention to the specifics that business owners are looking for in their access control systems.


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