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The Human Side Of Security: Threats And Considerations For The New Workforce


The security industry continues to evolve over time.

As an industry, security has focused more on external threats in general. In fact, some data breaches happen regularly that caution businesses to secure their data to avoid these hacking schemes. However, as businesses grow and mobility increases, obtaining necessary data from insider threats is likely to rise in the coming years. The human element of cyber security is going to play a huge role in the overall security industry. With people working from remote locations the threat of giving others access to vital documents becomes widespread. Regardless of whether the hack involves malice or is simply negligence on the part of the user, the human insider threat remains.

Securing Access Through Social Engineering

Although we are most familiar with hacks that begin with a phishing scheme, lately there has been a rise of hacks starting from social engineering. In fact, Compelling users to share their usernames and passwords via social channels is becoming a trendy way to access critical documents and gain access to secure information. As a result, these attacks are quite appealing to the hackers of the web because they can pose as a legitimate user. In the end, anti-virus protection systems are not able to catch them in the act. By being able to mislead businesses from their pursuits allows these skilled hackers to access employees’ information and further attain confidential corporate files as well. With more and more employees accessing their social media accounts at work, hackers who lure them in through various schemes gain access to crucial information that can harm businesses.

User Behavior

Paying more attention when online is a lot easier said than done. In fact, user behavior analytics have been increasing in popularity among organizations looking to tighten their security measures. While still in its early stages, user behavior analytics looks at data to help leverage organizations into who is accessing their networks. User behavior analytics allows businesses to find out the location of these people and who they claim to be.


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