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Campus Video Surveillance Tips from a Baltimore Security Expert

While campus security has always been important, it has recently been thrown into the spotlight with incidents like the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings. As a result, schools across the nation are assessing their campus security and surveillance systems. And when it comes to surveillance systems, the old real estate adage comes to mind: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

Campus Video Surveillance Tips

  1. Exterior & Parking Lots: Not only do exterior and parking lot surveillance cameras allow security personnel to monitor a school’s perimeter, but also zoom in and get clear images of license plates.
  2. Loading & Unloading Zones: Most schools have specific zones identified for student drop off and pickup. These zones are musts for surveillance systems.
  3. Entrances: Some of the most important areas to monitor are the entrances to the school.
  4. Hallways: Monitoring hallways and other areas in which student congregate helps mitigate drug use and other unlawful activities.
  5. Restrooms: Cameras should also be placed outside of restrooms. This approach helps protect privacy while also improving security.
  6. Labs & Shops: Not only will surveillance cameras in labs and shops help discourage theft, but they will also help identify safety issues.
  7. Cafeterias & Gymnasiums: Gymnasiums and cafeterias are prime locations for fights.

ARK Systems: Your Baltimore Security Expert

No matter how many video surveillance options are out there, you still need the right one. Start by opting for the contractor with over 30 years’ experience, ARK Systems. We specialize in surveillance system audits, design, installation, testing and service.

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