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College Campuses Present Unique Physical Security Challenges

Ensuring the physical security of university challenges is a complex undertaking. Because of their large physical footprint, constant activity, and range of associated facilities (such as athletic arenas, medical facilities, and data centers), implementing a comprehensive security plan is no easy feat. However, given the serious threats that university campuses have been subjected to in recent years, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure the safety of students, staff, and faculty by investing in well-planned and standardized security protocols. Learn more in this week’s blog, below.


The physical security challenges faced by college campuses are extremely complex.

College Campuses Present Unique Physical Security Challenges

Individual campus buildings have unique security needs

One of the greatest challenges of implementing a comprehensive physical security plan on college campuses is the fact that the broad range of facilities each require different security solutions. For example, an athletic arena must attend to the fact that it is host to many off-campus visitors, so video surveillance is a necessity. In a residence hall where students need to easily access their building 24 hours a day, a well-planned access control system is the highest priority. When implementing a security plan, many campuses make the mistake of rolling out the program in one building and then scaling from there. This means that security managers miss out on the opportunity to invest in more effective technology according to the needs of each specific building or facility, greatly reducing the effectiveness of the safety plan.

Plan for challenges on the backend

Another major challenge when implementing a campus security plan is the issue of scaling networked technologies. Many universities grow their security programs quickly and may reach a point where the network is no longer equipped with adequate bandwidth to handle the demands. In order to prevent this, it is important that system administrators keep backend challenges in mind at all times, and work with an integrator who can advise effective ways to scale while ensuring an error-free experience in the case of an on-campus emergency.


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