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What is the Internet of Things and What is Its Impact On Cybersecurity?

Every advance in technology offers new opportunities for hackers and internet thieves to steal sensitive data. In a world where more and more activities are being conducted online, cybersecurity is more important than ever. An emerging concept in the field of cybersecurity is the Internet of Things, which has serious implications for the security industry. Learn all you need to know about this emerging trend and its potential security consequences in today’s blog.


The Internet of Things introduces new challenges to cybersecurity.

What is the internet of things?

To paraphrase Don Campbell’s article published on the website Security Today, the Internet of Things is a concept that explains how real world objects and devices have been outfitted with sensors to give them the ability to communicate with other networked devices, processors, and people. This provides a connection between the information contained within the networked world with the real, physical world.

How does IOT impact security?

On a day-to-day level, the Internet of Things has opened up a world of possibilities to device users. Homeowners can now monitor their home thermostats from anywhere in the world using an app on their phones. Online banking has been commonplace with more and more consumers checking their balances or making deposits from their laptops and smartphones. With every action that moves online, however, a door is opened to opportunistic hackers and thieves. Security concerns have become more and more pressing as interconnected technology proves its vulnerability. The sheer number of access points have increased rapidly as more devices are equipped with networking capabilities, making it increasingly difficult to manage threats.

How can these security threats be managed?

The most important way to mitigate the risks of IOT is to proactively implement policies and procedures that stay ahead of emerging technology trends. Given the ability of individual employees to connect personal devices to company networks, it is necessary for security managers to carefully ensure that only specific technologies are allowed in the workplace so they can be appropriately managed.

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