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Commercial Security Tips for Businesses on the Move

Commercial Security Tips for Businesses on the Move

If your business is moving to a new location or is growing faster than you expect, then here are some commercial security tips to follow.

Whether it’s because the lease is up or you need larger premises, at some point, your business will have to move. It’s rare for a company to stay in the same location for decades, but it can happen. If your business is moving to a new location or is growing faster than you expect, then here are some commercial security tips to follow.

Maintain Current Security Measures

Because of all the activity that occurs while getting a new office space ready, you need to remain vigilant about commercial security. Here are some examples of what could go wrong, especially if you start moving in before the building is fully finished:


  1. Doors left unlocked or sitting open to facilitate tools and materials being brought in or taken out;
  2. Unrestricted visitor access either in the new office or in the old one;
  3. Greater chances of theft, damage, or vandalism.


Although these potential issues are worrisome, there are some things you can do. For instance, designate one trustworthy employee to oversee all the work that’s being done. This way, you can ensure that nothing unusual is happening Your employee can then make sure to switch off the lights and lock the doors at the end of the day and make sure the new building is secure over the weekend. If you are still waiting for a new commercial security system to be installed, or if you aren’t able to afford a new set of surveillance cameras yet, then this can be an effective solution in a pinch. Any valuable items also need to be secured instead of being left sitting out in plain view.

Make Your New Space Secure

The next suggestion is to make your new space as secure as possible. Part of this involves asking yourself numerous questions, such as the following:


  1. Can we import the existing security system to the new office? Do we want to use the same system, or make some changes along the way? If we don’t, or if we can’t, then what should we do?
  2. Is it even worth it to move our current system? It might not be the best fit for our new location, and it could be costly to do so.
  3. Is it better if we purchase and install an entirely new system?

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