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Commercial Security Tips: Improving Security for Your Retailer

Retail stores are a particular type of commercial space. However, protecting them against crimes and keeping your employees and customers safe is of the utmost importance. Here are some of the tips to follow for making sure that is the case.

Commercial Security Tips: Improving Security for Your Retailer
One way to protect your retail space is to avoid shoplifting and to discourage anyone from stealing anything.

Preventing Shoplifting

One way to protect your retail space is to avoid shoplifting and to discourage anyone from stealing anything. To do this, you will need to refocus on providing excellent customer service. Welcoming your customers can help boost your business, but it also means that your visitors will not want to shoplift anything out of a small need for a little revenge due to rude employees. They don’t want to be watched, and when employees greet them politely, it will affect how they feel about what they are about to do. Have a greeter on the sales floor. Task one employee with asking customers how they can be of assistance, and then have employees check on them if customers are spending an unusually long time in your store.

Preventing Blind Spots

Another way to protect your business, no matter what type of business it is, is to avoid blind spots on the floor. Shoplifting incidents often happen in corners where the cameras can’t see or where employees can’t see either. Think about where the shelves of merchandise are placed and if they interfere with how well your employees can understand. Then consider if signs or promotional displays are creating unintentional blind spots as well. Finally, think about the layout of the store, especially in a warehouse format where there will be higher rows and pallet racks.

Training Employees

Your employees should also be trained to keep an eye out for suspicious people on your property. Not only can they be alert for shoplifters, but also shooters or anyone else potentially dangerous. Sometimes, customers will become belligerent, and your employees will need to know how to intervene.

Protecting Registers

Whether you are opening a new location or are upgrading your current store, you can’t overlook the importance of your cash registers. Card readers are becoming more and more common as people can pay with their credit cards, debit cards, or smart devices. But conventional cash registers are still of vital importance. Without them, your business won’t be able to survive.

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