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More Information about School Security and Fire Safety

It’s true that keeping schools secure must take precedence over many other concerns. However, those concerns can’t be ignored. After all, schools at all levels are duty bound to keeping everyone safe from internal problems, potential external threats, and unpredictable emergencies, such as when a fire breaks out. Here is some more information about school security and fire safety.

More Information about School Security and Fire Safety
One of the ways to prepare for a fire, whether it starts inside the school building or it originates on the grounds, is to upgrade the doors that lead inside.

Some Hardware Options

One of the ways to prepare for a fire, whether it starts inside the school building or it originates on the grounds, is to upgrade the doors that lead inside. Your objective is to ensure that the doors can be secured without causing problems during an evacuation or lockdown procedure. Frequent drills can identify any issues that need to be rectified, but even so, it is more efficient to make changes before tragedy forces the upgrades to happen. Manual lockdown hardware is one such option. The correct keys will lock and unlock the doors, as seen in classroom security function locksets. Remote lockdown hardware, on the other hand, works wirelessly through the power of electronics. Using keyfobs can open and close the doors within a reasonable distance.

One final option to consider: integrate centralized lockdown hardware. All access controlled doors can be secured from a central command center, preferably found in the main office so administrators can reach it more easily. They can also be installed in the classroom where only the teachers can access it, and indicator lights can display if it is currently locked or unlocked.

More Affordable Door Hardware

Although these are wonderful ideas, some school districts and campuses won’t be able to incorporate them into their existing security measures. There’s a simple reason for that: they can’t fit these upgrades into their allocated budgets. Fortunately, more affordable door hardware models present a less expensive alternative that could allow you to arm more doors against intruders and help increase fire safety through detection and protection. For instance, faceplates can help prevent jimmying or bumping of locks. All of the exterior doors should be inspected every month. These monthly inspections can reveal signs of wear and tear that might be caused by past fire damage or can present an opportunity for exploitation by anyone seeking to get inside. All interior doors should remain closed and locked while they are being used to facilitate a lockdown, even if it might cause logistical challenges during a fire drill. The safety plan can help overcome those challenges when designed intelligently, proactively, and taken seriously.    

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