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Core Technology Improvements Enhance Security and Functionality

As security surveillance technology has become more advanced over the past few decades, new models of system integration is becoming the norm. With more advanced cameras that offer thermal imaging, integrations that allow entire systems to become networked, and advanced analytic technology that can identify motion, faces, and vehicles, the capabilities of security technologies have grown by leaps and bounds. However, a key aspect that is often ignored is the capability of core technologies including power supply and transmission devices. Learn more in today’s blog.


Core technology must be considered for effective security.

Core Technology Improvements Enhance Security and Functionality

At the core of all of these technologies lies the importance of power. Traditionally, a basic uninterrupted power supply (UPS) has been considered sufficient to ensuring that systems can adequately weather an outage and while a UPS can provide a short-term solution to an interruption in the power supply, it also leaves security systems vulnerable because it fails to integrate a low-voltage power source.

Though they may seem to occur suddenly, low-voltage power supply problems generally develop due to conditions that could be preventable if detected early. Stress factors such as overload conditions caused by devices that drain too much power are the most common culprit and by properly managing power supply and use, one can avoid the problem of low-voltage power supply issues in the first place. By instating remote monitoring systems, issues can be easily detected to ensure proper functionality.

To ensure a robust integrated network solution, it is crucial that the core foundation products that underlie these systems are considered. Power supplies and transmission devices are key elements that will ensure your network solution’s remains reliable in any conditions and they should have the ability to communicate with the system as well.

New products on the market allow power supply and transmission devices to be remotely monitored and controlled and they can be easily integrated with products installed at multiple sites. This allows for enhanced functionality, reliability, and ultimately a better return on investment.

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