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The Challenges and Benefits of Updating Large Hospital Security Systems

Large-scale hospital facilities present unique challenges when it comes to updating security networks. Yet because many of these facilities rely on outdated legacy analog surveillance system, they can often benefit significantly from upgrading to innovative IP-based security solutions. Learn more about the challenges and benefits of upgrading large hospital security systems in today’s blog.


Hospitals have unique security needs and can benefit from IP-based solutions.

The Challenges and Benefits of Updating Large Hospital Security Systems

As the legacy analog surveillance systems that many hospitals rely on become outdated and equipment reliability begins to degrade, many hospital administrators are beginning to understand the benefits of updating their facility’s security system. Due to the inherent security risks experienced by hospitals—such as narcotics thefts and violent patient outbursts in emergency room settings—it is becoming crucial for large-scale facilities to invest in reliable, networked security solutions that leave no room for system malfunction and provide high-quality imaging that allow administrators to readily identify vehicles, people, and equipment caught on camera.

Unfortunately, practical and privacy concerns make it a complex undertaking to update these systems. Camera locations and access control implementation are hindered by strict OSHPOD and HIPAA regulations which require facilities to adhere to detailed privacy policies regarding where cameras may be placed. The busy environment of a hospital can make it difficult for integrators to complete the work of installing new infrastructure. Upgrading systems in surgical wings is particularly complex as integrators are required to wear body suits to prevent contamination and often must tent off their work area, constricting access and making installation especially difficult.

Another challenge with upgrading security systems in hospital environments is the importance of system integration within existing IT infrastructure which requires IT departments to be on board with the change. Existing analog technology relied on a closed-loop system which did not require the support of facility IT departments and because many of these departments maintain tight control over their routers and switches due to security concerns, it can be difficult to convince them of the benefits of an IP-based security solution.

Despite these challenges, investing in upgrading outdated security technology can greatly enhance both ease of use as well as effectiveness. The simplicity of remote access offered by IP-based solutions is of great benefit to many large hospitals as it allows for quicker reaction times when issues are discovered. Today’s cameras offer resolutions that allow greater detail to be captured, providing enhanced security. When undertaking such an extensive project, it is crucial that IT departments are brought on board before the project begins so that issues don’t arise later that create delays. Detailed installation plans should also be discussed prior to starting the project to ensure that challenges that may arise, such as those created by health and safety concerns in surgical wings, are planned and budgeted for. With proper planning, upgrading to an IP-based security system is of great benefit to many large hospitals.

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