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Video Verification Benefits Bring Physical Security Into the 21st Century

Video verification systems have become an integral component of security plans for organizations and facilities seeking to enhance their physical security. While the immediate benefits of video verification are obvious—namely, the opportunity to capture footage of security events—their utility goes far beyond simply capturing the images of people entering and exiting a given space. Today’s technology allows video verification systems to be integrated with other physical security tools while providing an intuitive user experience for systems managers. In today’s blog, learn more about the myriad benefits of integrated video verification systems.


Video verification systems have come a long way.

Video Verification Benefits Bring Physical Security Into the 21st Century

Video verification: the benefits of integration

Video verification systems have been popular for decades for their ability to capture sensitive information that can be analyzed in the case of a security breach and, when necessary, provided to law enforcement officials. However, new integration capabilities have allowed video verification systems to be linked to other aspects of physical security including access control and alarms, greatly expanding their capabilities and applications. There are a wide range of ways in which its capabilities can be tailored to the specific needs of a facility, allowing end users to customize their system to match their needs.

By managing video verification systems using cloud-hosted platforms, these systems can also be networked to capture and share data among multiple cameras, allowing footage of different locations to be centrally aggregated and managed by the end user.

In addition to being able to capture video footage, new generations of video verification systems allow end users to sort through footage using a variety of search parameters: If a user wanted to know the comings and goings of a specific employee, for example, they would simply enter the employees name and the system would then display all collected data on that person. This can greatly enhance management’s ability to keep tabs on security breaches such as suspected employee theft.

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