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Why Under-Display Fingerprint Systems Are The Next Goal In Biometrics


Biometric technology is revolutionizing the way we live.

The race to create the most efficient under-display fingerprint that sensor that can simultaneously be mass-produced is underway. In fact, there are a variety of companies that are trying to get in on the new technology. So what is the hype really about? Here are a few reasons why the biometric industry is so very interested in these under-display fingerprint systems.

Screens Are Taking Over

It is no surprise that there is a rise in smartphone usage. In fact, smartphone fingerprint scanners seem to have made it easy to verify and identify individuals providing them access to their phones or other devices. As a result, customers have been able to make a purchase on their smartphones with their fingerprint alone. However, these buttons quite often tend to look like push-button home screens and require a dedicated place on the device.

Since the recent mobile phone trend has been to increase the size of the screen, it has made using these fingerprint systems a lot harder to incorporate. As a result, manufacturers have been forced to place the scanners either on the back of the device or under the display. While the back of the phone seems to make sense, the practicality of it does not. Therefore, the rise in under-display scanners has increased dramatically over the last several years.

Other Potential Uses

Besides mobile phones, under-display fingerprint scanners can have a variety of other applications. In fact, integrating different technologies could allow devices to be smaller. The technology could also be used in smart homes. Digital locks on front doors could create a huge necessity within the security industry. Using this technology would allow smart homes to have a biometric scanner, display screen, and security camera all work together on one single screen.

As hospitals seek to improve patient experiences while simultaneously reducing the costs, they may choose to find technology that can provide them with the ability to verify people and allow medical personnel access to specific computer systems and other medical equipment or devices.

Biometric Solutions From ARK Systems

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