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Why Multi-Sensor Cameras Are Trending For Mainstream Applications

multi-sensor cameras

Investing in multi-sensor cameras can do wonders for your business!

With their many advantages over multiple single-sensor cameras, multi-sensor cameras are gaining popularity in mainstream applications. While it takes many multiple single-sensor security cameras to cover an area, it only takes one multi-sensor camera to capture 360 degrees, providing an improved broad surveillance coverage with exceptional detail. There are many more advantages to multi-sensor cameras, including a simplified design, higher quality images, and cost-saving benefits.

Simplified Design

An uncomplicated system design is integral to both the user and the technician, and a multi-sensor camera’s design is ideal for both groups. Installation of multiple cameras takes a lot of planning for the technician, but multi-sensor cameras make the process much easier and faster. A multi-sensor camera also simplifies the design and build process, and applies the best practices to improve wide area coverage while cutting down on the cost of equipment.

High-Quality Images

The multi-sensor cameras include improved wide dynamic range technology that captures high-quality images in bright and dark areas, helping surveillance cameras capture images and video in challenging conditions. The advanced multi-sensor cameras are able to stitch together individual videos from each of the sensors, creating a seamless panoramic video with high resolution. These panoramic videos have many advantages compared to the average fisheye camera, with sharp and enhanced details even when zoomed in.

Cost-Saving Benefits

The cost of ownership is also much lower since one multi-sensor camera can replace several single-sensor cameras. Fewer cameras result in a lower overall cost because they require fewer network switches, only one VMS license is needed instead of having to purchase more for separate cameras, and the cabling and power costs are reduced. Also, when multi-sensor cameras are included in a surveillance system, fewer display devices are needed, cutting down on control room costs.


More Features

Multi-sensor cameras have the technology and situational awareness needed for today’s mainstream video surveillance applications. The best multi-sensor cameras come with advanced analytics including abandoned vehicles, loitering detection, object removal, stopped vehicle and more, making it the best option for all surveillance applications.

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