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Facing New Challenges in Campus Security


Photo: School Entrance Sign, campus security plans address the complex needs of a college campus

Developing a campus security plan is a complex endeavor that will pay dividends at your school for years to come.

The most important aspect of a good campus security plan is that it’s comprehensive. You need input from stakeholders in every department and campus agency. That way you’ll be able to understand the security needs of your whole campus. Campus executive staff, university police/public safety officers, residence life leaders, facilities management, athletics, medical facilities, on-campus religious organizations and at-large community members all have valuable insight that will inform a comprehensive and holistic campus security plan. 


Every campus is made up of a unique collection of buildings and facilities, each of which has its own unique security concerns. Never assume that one building’s security needs can be copy/pasted to other buildings on campus. This is where input from department leaders, campus police and facilities management staff can come into play.

Who uses the building, and when do they use it? Are there structural concerns specific to the building? Where are the pain points on each of your buildings? These and other questions will help you determine the best way to deploy security technology across campus.


Campuses are increasingly networked. Student, faculty and school data are stored in massive databases — many of which are large, unwieldy and often vulnerable due to rapid growth in computing technology year-to-year. Involving campus IT staff in security discussions will ensure your security plan covers you and your staff and students’ digital property, not just protect physical structures. Be sure all elements of your plan are integrated — network security, facilities security and physical security are all parts of the same campus security strategy.


Your final product should be a set of documented standards that create a comprehensive campus security strategy. An administrative leader (likely an executive staffer) will need to take the lead on implementing the campus security plan. With a strategy in place, each department and agency will be able to execute their portion of the plan and understand how their security integrates with campus as a whole. Dedicating the time and energy to an honest and thorough evaluation of campus security threats will lead to aligned cross-campus execution of your security strategy. This way you’ll protect your students, your staff, your faculty, your facilities and the campus community as a whole.

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