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3 Ways Security Managers Can Better Ensure the Safety of Their Organizations

Every day, it seems America is becoming more dangerous. From news of disgruntled employees who have gone on violent shooting sprees at their former workplaces to terrorist attacks to cybersecurity crimes, there are seemingly endless ways in which your workplace can be the victim of an unfortunate threat. Security directors are under immense pressure to keep their organizations safe from attack and the approaches they use will depend on the unique needs of their company. While it is impossible to entirely prevent the possibility of a threat, there are ways to mitigate risks and improve the chances of avoiding problems. Learn more, below.

Implement web-based visitor management protocol

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By focusing on these areas, security managers can better protect their company.

Visitors pose an inherent risk to your facility. While employees are generally thoroughly vetted with pre-employment background checks and contractors are usually screened prior to hire, a visitor could be anyone. In order to mitigate the risks that visitors can pose, implementing web-based visitor management software can be effective. This software allows security staff to send a visitor a welcome email with information such as directions to and the phone number of a facility and then receive a notification when a visitor arrives. Upon their arrival, the guest can self-check in at a kiosk or receive a guest pass from a receptionist. By requiring guests to be pre-approved by employees, the threat of allowing strangers onto facility grounds is greatly reduced.

Prioritize access management processes and protocols

Unauthorized access to sensitive areas of your facilities can create huge risks to the safety of your company and employees. In the wrong hands, sensitive data can be wiped out and thousands of hours of work can be erased, making it imperative that only pre-authorized employees are able to gain access to high-risk areas. One way to mitigate this risk is by implementing an Identity Audit and Compliance (IAC) system which automatically tracks the identities of your employees. These systems are able to integrate with multiple departments such as HR and IT and manage who is allowed access to which points of your facilities.

Use automatic revocation rules upon termination

Terminating an employee can be scary so it is important to have systems in place that prevent previous employees from gaining access to your facility. One way to do this is by using an IAC system that automatically revokes authorization after an employee is terminated. By entering the former employee’s data in the program, the IAC system will revoke their rights across the entire organization, preventing human errors that can accidentally neglect to address certain areas of access control.

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