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  • Advances in Emergency Notification Technology

    You may know what the public address system is. The PA system is commonly found in schools, movie theaters, arenas, and stadiums. They will also be found in malls, airports, and train stations. Anywhere that is bound to be densely… Read More

  • Tips for Making Emergency Announcements At Your Business or School

    Even though we are well into the summertime, businesses remain open year round unless there is some downtime due to technical difficulties or federal holidays. Likewise, just because schools are on summer vacation does not mean that they are empty…. Read More

  • Facing New Challenges in Campus Security

    A COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH TO CAMPUS SECURITY The most important aspect of a good campus security plan is that it’s comprehensive. You need input from stakeholders in every department and campus agency. That way you’ll be able to understand the security… Read More

  • Preventing Failure of a Networked Emergency Alert System

    Emergency alert systems are a standard security feature of any large facility. From hospitals to universities to entertainment venues, emergency alert systems are critically important in alerting occupants to the presence of a security threat and directing them to safety…. Read More

  • 5 Critical Components of an Emergency Communication System

    With the number of avenues available to communicate a message today, it would seem that emergency communication systems are always effective in their goal of informing people of a situation that requires their attention and action. But despite the extensive… Read More

  • How to Layer an Emergency Notification System

    Layering emergency notifications is the concept of distributing these notifications across multiple platforms and mediums. The goal of this is two-fold. First, it maximizes the number of people who are exposed to the message by reaching out across multiple platforms…. Read More

  • The Basics of Designing an Emergency Communications System

    There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when designing an emergency communications system. But above all, these systems need to be designed with one goal in mind: getting the message across. No matter what the layout… Read More

  • Maximize the Potential of Your Emergency Notification System

    As the field of emergency notification systems has evolved, so too has the technology behind it and the number of uses organizations are finding for it. An emergency notification system is no longer limited to simple pager-level technology and can… Read More

  • Designing Intelligible Emergency Communication Systems

    During an emergency situation, emergency personnel need to be able to communicate with the occupants of a facility in a fast, efficient, and most importantly, intelligible manner. This is easier said than done. Intelligibility of voice communications over a loudspeaker… Read More

  • New Emergency Messaging Guidelines Released

    The sound of alarm alerts occupants that there is an emergency in the building, but it can’t tell them what the nature of the emergency is. It may be a fire, but it could also be a security threat or… Read More