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Hospital Security Renovation Measures


Creating more secure hospitals is important.

Hospitals should be a secure and safe place. However, there are many ways that hospitals lack the necessary security measures required to keep patients and staff safe. With psychiatric patients being able to escape, a Hawaii Hospital decided to take a step towards implementing better security features to help protect staff, employees, and patients alike.

Designing A More Secure Treatment Facility

As part of a Hawaii State Hospital’s application to design and build a brand-new treatment facility, the city has asked to incorporate stronger security features into the actual design. Having a facility that can track and monitor patients and employees is a good thing according to the City.

A Patient Who Escaped

All of this comes less than a month after a psychiatric patient escaped from a Hawaii Hospital. The patient was at the hospital since 1981 when he was charged with first-degree murder. The Hawaii State Hospital works closely with the Hawaii State Department of Health. As a direct result, the hospital will often house patients who have committed horrendous crimes. Without proper security measures, criminals could be let free which can harm residents of the community.

A Secure Facility Is Needed

By having more security measures in Hospitals like the one planned to be built in Hawaii, people with mental illnesses or other criminals can be monitored and watched. This will ultimately keep everyone, including the community at large safer than before. In the end, it’s the innocent people that need to be protected when it comes to potential criminals who have mental illnesses. Having security measures in place in hospitals can curb the patients who choose to flee. Instead, these people won’t have the ability to flea because security measures will prohibit them from being able to leave the facility without triggering some sort of alarm.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, security within hospitals needs to be strengthened across the board. Adding security to better monitor patients, changing reporting procedures, and putting up security fences to keep patients at risk of getting out are all excellent ways to secure our hospitals and keep everyone safe.

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