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How Paging & Intercom Systems Benefit School Security

ARK Systems Intercom Overhead Paging

Intercoms and overhead paging systems may seem like old school tech, but they continue to play a critical role in school security.

Overhead paging and intercom systems have been around for a very long time and sometimes are considered to be outdated or less important than other security systems, but they have a critical role to play when it comes to keeping people safe in schools and on campuses. Their base function of mass notification is already an excellent security measure, but these systems are continuing to evolve and remain irreplaceable assets of any school security system.

Mass Notification vs Intercom Systems

The intended use of all intercoms is overhead paging, for general announcements. Over the years these have been commonly used to send out morning announcements, give instructions during routine fire drills, and even be directed into a classroom for class or student-specific information. In addition to Mass notification systems, it is incredibly useful for all schools and campuses because it allows one person to remotely relay important information to everyone within the building or on the grounds. Mass Notification Systems are especially useful during emergency situations including active shooters, fires, or even natural disasters where many people won’t know the proper safety protocols and can simply follow the instructions, when the intercom system may not be operational. A Mass notification system is UL 2572 listed for that purpose. Each circuit is supervised, unlike an intercom system. The system circuit conditions are continually monitored, so when the system is needed, it works as designed.  

Give Teachers Control

Giving teachers an intercom system in the classroom gives them a level of safety and control that will make their job a lot easier. Having the systems all go back to a master board that is located in the administration or security office will allow remote communication that a teacher can access quickly and easily, minimizing disruptions to class and handling problems more efficiently. This can be useful for day-to-day issues such as problematic behaviors or individual medical issues, as well as a lifeline during more serious emergencies that require strong and immediate communication.

Consider a Modern Upgrade

Intercoms and overhead paging systems have come a long way over the years and are now capable of specialized tasks and modern technology integration. Classroom units and phone-style intercoms allow for more direct communication, whereas IP-based intercoms can be utilized in areas such as athletic fields or other remote locations that are difficult to hardwire. A security window intercom creates strong access control by having guests speak through the intercom while behind bulletproof glass before being permitted entry. There are also alert systems such as external weatherproof paging and rescue assistance stations that allow outdoor communication and emergency response.


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