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Preparing for the New School Year

ARK Systems New School Year

It’s important to make sure all of your systems and facilities are fully operational at the start of the new school year.

It’s almost time for school to be back in session, which means all of the important systems in place will be needing maintenance and repairs after being barren for 3 months of summer. A mass influx of bodies between teachers, faculty, and students will put your systems to the test, straining them for the first time since June. To make sure your school year begins smoothly, have your systems tested—or do it yourself—and make sure they are maintained and repaired if needed. Reducing the potential for problems and ensuring your facilities are fully operational will make it easier for everyone once the school year begins.

Safety Systems

An important first step is to test your safety systems, performing maintenance and repairs on any that need it. Make sure your video surveillance systems are operational, blind spots are covered, and all integrated systems are operating as intended. Check all locks and any other access control systems to ensure the security of your school. Any other systems such as weapons detection, mass notification systems, or intercoms should all be thoroughly tested and maintained. For the best results, you can hire security professionals to do these checks and maintenance all at once, giving you the chance to focus on other important work before the school year begins.

Fire Systems

Just like your security systems, all of your fire systems should be tested, maintained, and repaired if needed. It’s not just important—it’s the law. The best way to manage your fire systems is to have a professional come out to perform a thorough inspection and take care of any issues the system might have. Do this before the school year officially begins so you can have peace of mind that your emergency systems are fully operational by the time faculty and students are back in their classrooms.

Other Systems

Other important systems to check on, or have inspected, include your school’s HVAC and plumbing systems. Comfort and quality of life are important for everyone who spends their day in your facility, and these systems can cause bigger problems than clogged drains or uncomfortable temperatures if they’re in disrepair. Like with the other systems, it can be beneficial to hire professionals to give them a thorough check-up and repair any issues that could produce unsafe conditions.


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