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Wireless Intrusion Systems Technology

Wireless intrusion systems have become a practical and marketable residential security device. Previously considered too temperamental and unreliable to meet consumers security needs, advances in technology have allow wireless intrusion systems to come into their own and exceed the capabilities of their wired counterparts.


The benefits of wireless devices include flexibility in installation locations as well as fast and easy installation, setup, and system integration. The evolution of wireless technology has seen improvements in installation techniques, signal strength, avoiding interference with other devices, and encryption.


While wireless devices can theoretically be installed anywhere, in practice this can be limited as poor placement can hamper communication and integration with other devices. In the past installation was mostly trial and error, with the sensor being moved and set up in various locations followed by testing and retesting of signal strength. New placement testing allows the hub panel to communicate with a wireless security device in real time. This makes installation as simple as walking around until the device indicates optimum signal strength.


Another difficulty with wireless intrusion systems was that they often faced interference from competing radio frequency and WiFi signals, as well as alternating electrical currents and physical characteristics of the device which could reduce its range. New systems are adept at avoiding signal interference while at the same time improving signal range. Wireless repeaters can be used on older systems to improve and extend their range. Some new systems also utilize 128-bit AES encryption to protect the system from being hacked into, which has precipitated their adoption in commercial applications.


There are still plenty of things that need to be taken into consideration when installing a wireless intrusion device. Users need to ensure that its range is sufficient to cover the space that needs to be secured. Users also have to adhere to manufacturers’ recommendations regarding the environmental parameters in which a device can function, i.e., devices will only function properly in a certain temperature range, and some may be more suited for indoor or outdoor environments.


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