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How to Strengthen Security in the Hospital Emergency Department

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A hospital emergency department is always at risk of a serious security breach or act of violence against staff or patients.

Over the years, hospital emergency departments have experienced a constant influx of security issues and violent incidents, but they have struggled to keep up with preventative security measures that protect both patients and staff. Hospitals require a healthy mix of integrated security systems and personnel to identify and handle any problems that arise quickly and efficiently to prevent harm. There are several ways for hospitals to strengthen security in their emergency department.

Access Control

Hospitals are large and labyrinthine, making it all too easy for unauthorized individuals to slip around unnoticed. Access control is an important line of defense, keeping doors closed to anyone without the appropriate access. This can help to keep patients and visitors out of staff-only areas, control who is allowed in patient care spaces, and prevent unauthorized individuals from entering sensitive areas of the hospital with the intent to cause harm. Commonly, staff badges are used to maintain strong access control, but not all hospitals have adopted this policy, putting themselves at risk of a security breach.

Integrated Surveillance

Surveillance systems are everywhere, but they’re not doing their job at full capacity if they’re older or haven’t been integrated with other systems to create a strong security web. For instance, a surveillance system that pings personnel when a high-risk access point is triggered can help to keep tabs on a sensitive area that needs to be constantly monitored for unauthorized access. Every hospital is different and will have different security needs, so it’s a good idea to discuss your options with a security professional that can help you determine which systems will offer the most benefit and how you can integrate them for the tightest possible security in your emergency department.

Trained Security Personnel

Security systems are a necessity because they are capable of monitoring many areas at once and integrating for stronger security that is easier on security personnel, but the personnel still play a critical role. Having trained security personnel protecting your emergency department will allow for better monitoring and faster response to any security issues that arise. A trained professional can keep an eye on the front door, help the front desk, and quickly determine security risks before they get past the lobby. According to the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), some emergency department threats can be identified depending on their circumstances, such as any who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, gunshot victims, behavioral patients, and instigators of domestic violence who have arrived with their victim. Trained security personnel are able to spot problematic behaviors faster, giving them the ability to step in and lower the risk to both patients and staff before the individual is able to act out against a patient or staff.


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